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Turtle Ship

After Japan was unified in a series of wars, Hideyoshi decided to invade China.  It was decided to conquer Korea along the way.  At first the Japanese were successful, but the invasion eventually bogged down.  Increased Korean resistance, Chinese intervention, and the famous turtle ships all conspired to defeat the Japanese.  Koreans are justly proud of the turtle ship, the first ironclad warship in world history, first used in 1592 and mounting several cannon and a flame thrower.

When western sailing ships first reached the Pacific, they were able to dominate the trade routes.  Closer to shore, Asian rowed galleys, even without armor, were capable of defeating western warships.  In 1886, a turtle ship was used against the American ship General Sherman but was ineffective.

Adm. Lee

Adm. Lee

Turtle Ship

Explanation of Turtle Ship Model

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Hansan Island Map

Hansan Island

Hansan Island...

Kids Love the Turtle Ship

Admiral Yi 

Turtle Ship 

Turtle Ship  

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